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Hot off the Press: The Ark of Taste book

With contributions by Fernando and Marlene Divina

Pre-sale now for August 22, 2023 release

Marlene and Fernando Divina continue their work to explore the ancient, and modern foods and foodways that we incorporate into our daily meals.

Get a preview of our latest recipe collaborations in the new The Ark of Taste for cooks published by Slow Food USA by farmers and co-authored by Portlander Giselle Kennedy Lord


Slow Food International

Slow Food Cook's Alliance

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Fernando Divina is a certified food industry consultant, health and culinary veteran that has created and operated several acclaimed hospitality, food and beverage businesses in the Western United States. Marlene Divina is an award-winning restaurateur and is a member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa of Montana and is also of Cree and Assiniboine descent. Together they own divinAmerica, which, since 1989, has provided consulting services and menu development for a wide array of clients--most notably the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. The Divinas' articles and photography have appeared in such publications as The Oregonian, Northwest Indian Magazine and Arizona Food and Lifestyles Magazine. Of their list of publications, their book, "Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions" (Ten Speed Pr., 2004), produced in association with the Museum, received the James Beard Award of Excellence.

Gourmet Magazine's America's Top Tables, Oregonian Restaurant of the year among the many international accolades. Recently, the Divinas were honored with the 2022 Slow Food USA Snailblazer award in recognition of their longstanding and continued work and advocacy for good, fair and clean foodway practices here and around the world.

The Divinas live and work with the people and the rich alluvial soils of the Cascadia Region. Their most recent work in association with Oregon Health Science University Center for Preventive Cardiology, The Heart Protection Kitchen: Easy and Healthy Recipes for a Happy Heart where they were principles in the development of course curriculum that they taught at various OHSU and partner university locations and contributed mightily to the companion recipes used in classes and for the published cookbook.

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