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Marlene Divina

Marlene Divina is the Founder and partner of divinAmerica. A James Beard Foundation award-wining author, editor, and writer.


As restaurateur and consultant, Marlene's project contributions range from public Smithsonian Institution legacy food concepts in the nation's capitol to the launch of original, cutting edge projects for independent ownership.

As recipe creator, Marlene has a passion for taste and drives the search for flavor solutions. As presenter, her wisdom and wit illuminates and inspires. And as recipe tester, her clear and practical approach to assessment and analysis shores the formula for consistency.

Under her creative and editorial guidance, we produce content for marketing and commercialization, social media talking points, training collateral, trade and news articles, and cookbooks.


Marlene provides the inspiration and foundation for our developing event enterprises.

Marlene Divina divinAmerica, FD Food and Consulting; FD Food + Hospitality Consulting Foods of the Americas

Fernando Divina


Fernando Divina is the Director and partner for divinAmerica. An award winning restaurateur, hotelier, chef and grocer, as consultant, he creates food and beverage concepts with your team. For business startups, he interprets your goals and helps you shape, define and develop a plan of action from ideation through to live operations.

With decades of innovative project and business start-up experience, he is able to develop dynamic and creative solutions to expand your business or seed your new enterprise.

His tenacity and keen focus on client and partner goals has produced among the nation's most creative and enduring business models.


Fernando Divina, FD Food and Restaurant Consulting; FD Food + Hospitality Consulting; divinAmerica consulting

Peer and Industry Recognition
Receiving a nod from our family of colleagues and competitors alike is in all ways humbling. We recognize that for every accomplishment, there are many more challenges to come and as ever, a new and better way of gaining ground. It is our highest honor to serve our partners, clients and guests above all else. Our truest and most meaningful rewards are the smiles of approval and the success of our engagements.

Honors + Accolades

Oregonian Restaurant of the Year

Gourmet Magazine
America's Top Tables

The Slow Food International Snailblazer Award Winners

James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence

International Association
of Culinary Professionals
Award for Excellence

Gourmand International Cookbook Award
Best Culinary History Book in the World
Honorable Mention

ACF Oregon Chef of the Year

American Seafood Challenge Gold Medals Awards

Culinary Olympic Gold Medal and Multiple Medals Awards

American Culinary Federation Gold Medals and Multiple Medals Awards

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