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The Ark of Taste: Delicious and Distinctive Foods That Define the United States

Book by David S Shields and Giselle Kennedy Lord

Recipe contributions by a host of talented cooks and farmers across America including Fernando and Marlene Divina

Explore the heritage foods that give the United States its culinary identity, in this visual encyclopedia for curious eaters and gardeners. The Ark of Taste is a living catalog of our nation's food heritage preserving treasures passed down for generations—some rare, some endangered, all delicious. 

Marlene and Fernando Divina are honored to be recognized by Slow Food for their work for good, clean and fair foodway for the planet!
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Empowering Your Ideas: Comprehensive Support for Conceptualization and Execution

From food business start up through site selection to menu development and go-live training, let us engage with you and your team to animate your ideas from possibilities to the plan of action.

Whether a fresh foods market, one-off event, pop-up, kiosk, restaurant, club, museum servery or a boutique hotel, we're able to give root to the plan that will launch your business, improve operations or expand your product line.

The lowdown on foodway and lifeway for inspirational upload.

  • Creative food for thought

  • Trends

  • Links to bright partners

  • Recipes


Our thoughts and our industry partner's  ideas on matters of source to consumer. .We cover topics ranging from grocery and markets to the latest solutions for cafes and boutique hotels. As healthcare food service professionals we add perspective to matters of public and patient foodservices.  Private and public club amenities and museum 

serveries are brought into focus.

Let us articulate your food ideas whether classic, current or

cutting edge.

We write, co-author or ghost write your cookbook.


Training collateral and print media for your project or business is a specialty.

We are experienced

recipe testers. 

We convert your recipe into data readiness for deployment through nutritional analysis or to process through the retail production development stream.

Checkout our cookbooks, white papers, and publications!



Giving root & building relationships through food, its people, provenance,

practices & partnerships.


Illuminating the possibilities for great food and good nutrition for a healthy planet.

Independent to institutional food and beverage business development

We understand that the world is constantly changing. Since 1986, we have worked with partners and clients to adapt from tradition or create some of America's cutting edge food industry businesses both public and private. Success for some of our clients can be measured as enduring and profitable concepts while others, by design, are meant to be launched and calibrated 

after establishing the new standard.

Strategies by business operators for business operators


We know our business.

We are engaged as operators  or facilitators of the diverse in-kind food businesses that we have created for our own benefit and for the enrichment of our partners and clients. We design a seamless work flow and product stream. For guests: systems to manage a genuine sense of arrival even if they are placing a phone order and picking up or making a reservation. For vendors: easy accommodation for delivery  and efficient pick up of recyclables. 

Authoritative award-winning creative

We have partnered with both public and private food and beverage groups to engage in local and international marketing initiatives. These initiatives include goodwill campaigns, product and concept launches, promotional events, and tourism. Our contributions to cookbooks, trade, lifestyle, and client publications have been recognized by our peers and the industry, which is an honor for us. As expert panelists for public and industry events, we present your business mission to others with authority.

Training and retail product development services

To achieve your biodiversity and sustainability goals, we analyze your current and forecasted category purchases and bring fresh tactical concepts to manage and meet overall margin goals. For retail foodservice  departments, we develop menus and recipes,  test or review your existing recipes, develop your cookbook, offer ghost writing services, and transition nutritional recipes for analysis. We help identify new revenue stream potential from your existing item offerings for value added products. We facilitate ideation for new product concepts and ultimately readiness for processing from source to production and through to commercialization.

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If you're looking to elevate your business, we're here to help. Take first step towards achieving your goals by contacting us today. Our team is dedicated to working with you to make vision a reality. Let's collaborate and take your business to new heights.

Thanks for contacting us!

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